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- Siding: the two most popular choices are vinyl insulated and aluminum siding.
- Improve your home's energy efficiency.
- More and more homeowners are realizing the importance of conserving energy
- It is beneficial to 
stop air drafts, and use more efficient insulation. We can install new insulation.
- Installing proper siding and insulation not only makes your home look better and increases your home’s value, it can also help you reduce your energy bills.
- All siding has a lifetime warrantee and is made of ingredients that deliver superior durability, wind resistance, attractive and the colours are fade-resistant.
- Worried about maintenance? All you need is a garden hose to keep your siding looking great for years to come. Whether you require exceptional appearance, the highest level of quality and performance, or you’re looking great value without compromise, there’s a siding system within our extensive selection to meet your needs perfectly.
- George’s Construction & Roofing has been installing siding on homes in the Ottawa area since 1996.

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